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Continuous improvement

Lavazza has always valued the importance of its human capital. Our people are key to the entire production chain and the main driving force behind the results that our brand has always been proud of achieving.

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From coffee producers, whom our Foundation actively supports side-by-side; to our employees, who are welcomed at our new Headquarters through an integrated, sustainable and shared approach and who are the recipients of all our welfare programmes; to consumers, to whom our commitment to supply superior quality products has been the Company’s main goal since its very onset. All these actors need to be aware of their role in the Lavazza System, so that they can share the corporate values and actively pursue them. Sustainability, in fact, is a shared responsibility.

Lavazza is committed to pursuing sustainability by promoting its principles and by applying them daily through the involvement of all the Group’s stakeholders. It is with this mind-set of investing in human capital that we take the importance of a circular economy to heart, reinvesting our resources locally, so as to create value in the territory that has seen our Company grow and expand.
2016, in particular, was a year that saw us engaged in substantial investments in the Group’s Italian manufacturing plants, as well as in all newly acquired overseas companies, with Carte Noire at the top of the line.

It has been a year of great change, a year which provided a clear picture of a family, the family of all Lavazza’s stakeholders, which grows more and more with each new day.

Our local roots, in fact, find their expression in the coherence of our entrepreneurial pursuits, acknowledging our belonging to the territory as an essential value. Even the birth of Nuvola, the Company’s new headquarters, and the development of the entire Lavazza complex in Aurora, a district in the centre of Turin, naturally head in this direction. We did not drift somewhere “yonder” without a sense of identity, but we chose to stay in the heart of our city, rediscovering the value of a neighbourhood and amplifying its potential. Nevertheless, we did more than that, choosing to develop a sustainable space for all our employees. I am not thinking only of a work environment that is consistent with the highest sustainability standards and that obtains the most prestigious LEED certifications for an industrial building.

I am thinking especially to the services designed for our people, to the promotion of sustainable mobility and to how our headquarters will be open to the territory and the city. This openness will result in increasingly effective and targeted community engagement actions, investing in our territory and supporting the social and economic fabric that Lavazza is part of.
Resilience. Passion and Perseverance. These are the attributes that have always defined our work and that have enabled us to face new challenges and pursue new goals while consistently raising the bar on our horizon. Lavazza, an increasingly international company, wants to continue to strive for the sustainable development of its business by focusing on the welfare of the Group’s human capital and by more and more actively endorsing the Foundation’s action in coffee-producing countries, a world to which we have a moral duty to reaffirm and where we recognise our farming roots.

The year we examine and describe in this Sustainability Report 2016 is therefore a year of substance, vision and close relationship with all the events linked to innovation, culture, sports, food and sustainability, above all the relationship with Terra Madre and Slow Food, with which we celebrated 20 years of collaboration.

Alberto Lavazza

President of Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

Sustainability is a path of constant evolution. It calls for us to be aware of our limitations, strengths and priorities for action. This is the reason why listening to and discussing with stakeholders are key elements in building a path that creates shared value throughout the production chain. Sustainable development regards our common future. It is for this reason that the 17 Sustainable Development Goalswere conceived and formally stated in a necessarily global and internationally shared context, such as the United Nations are.

These Goals need to be recognised as essential by all economic operators, as only by doing so can we achieve tangible and lasting results. For Lavazza, these principles are not negotiable: not only because our product is derived from the processing of raw materials of plant origin and therefore potentially threatened by the phenomenon of climate change, but also because the responsibility that the Goals carry with them are global and overshadow the specific business interests of any Group. Companies are key actors when it comes to overcoming challenges and achieving the Global Goals.
For example, the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption fails if it is not taken on as a responsibility first hand by those for whom the use of energy to create value is an economic obligation.
Just as we cannot shy away from the commitment towards sustainability-oriented partnerships or an inclusive and fair economic growth.

The commitment that our role as a market leader involves is consistent with what our customers ask of us: that we offer a high-quality product obtained with solid, safe, reliable and repeatable processes that are respectful of people and the environment.

Every company can and should actively commit to sustainable development. The fight against climate change, the commitment to a responsible consumption and production or to sustainable innovation generate a virtuous circle. Not only do they benefit the environment and society, but they also generate efficiency in the manufacturing processes, waste reduction and less uneconomic processes, even for the benefit of the company’s profit margins. Lavazza’s international growth, therefore, necessarily depends on principles of Sustainability.

It is from such principles that it must draw inspiration, involving and motivating its employees, and encouraging that feeling of belonging to a Group that is financially solid, with prospects for sustainable economic development and opportunities for growth. The commitment that weighs on us as a global leader is not limited to streamlining our processes and our energy consumption.

It calls on us to be sponsors for the whole chain of our business cycle, to work with farmers to improve the farming techniques and make them more sustainable for the future and to work with all our partners to produce the greatest positive impacts that we are capable of for the environment and society.

Antonio Baravalle

Chief Executive Officer of Luigi Lavazza S.p.A