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Discover the new Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine: A Modo Mio Favola, designed by Henrik Otto and produced by Electrolux.

Lavazza has always guaranteed the quality of its coffee at every stage of the production process, right through to the packaging. The Design Machines project was launched in order to extend this guarantee to the crucial stage of preparation.

Lavazza, in collaboration with leading Italian designers and technical specialists, has created and developed technologies and systems intended to bring authentic Italian espresso into homes and workplaces all over the world.

“The Lavazza Design Machines project is now more than twenty years old, but seems as though it was launched yesterday. It is constantly revitalised by the desire to express creativity, shapes, colours and messages that often anticipate the contents of the design. The project is driven by imagination — always an essential requirement and favourite ingredient of Lavazza” Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President of Lavazza.

The espresso originates from a complex alchemy, which turns a fruit of nature into a unique, full-bodied, fragrant beverage.


Thanks to the Design Machines project, this alchemy is within everyone’s grasp: now you can prepare your own espresso, made just the way it should be, at any time thanks to an automatic machine and special capsules containing the perfect amount of ground coffee, kept fresh and intact until opened.

The first machines were produced in the second half of the ‘80s, thanks to an exclusive industrial innovation: they are the espresso systems for workplaces and public spaces.
In 2007, the home systems were launched, as the capsules went on sale in supermarkets.

The project in figures:
• 3 systems: Espresso Point, BLUE, A Modo Mio.
• 20,000,000,000 cups of coffee enjoyed in workplaces and homes
• 19 espresso machine models
• 211 different colours, accessories and functions
• 12 designers, engineers and technicians
• about 3,000,000 coffee machines in homes and offices
• 88 countries around the world.