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Lavazza adv embarked on the TV route almost immediately.
Now, more than 50 years later, the collection of Lavazza commercials gives a light-hearted and entertaining view of Italy, with the main focus always an espresso cup.

This section contains all the Lavazza commercials from the 1950s to the present day, plus the international commercials produced for each country.
Choose the years you prefer and… happy viewing!

BORN SOCIAL 2017 Born social



Who said that all stereotypes about Italians are always wrong? Lavazza’s new campaign celebrates Italy’s eclectic soul, taking an entertaining and wry look at the way the rest of the world sees one of this country's most emblematic features: Italian social and communicative nature.

The Born Social advert is the perfect illustration of Italian spirit and shows how every moment can turn into a unique occasion for socialising with others, if accompanied by a cup of coffee.

2017 sees Lavazza continuing its path to internationalisation also in the field of communications, where it highlights the importance of the excellent quality of Italian coffee in everyday life, in Italy and worldwide.


MORE TO TASTE 2015 More to taste



The profound message conveyed by Lavazza’s international campaign to celebrate its 120th anniversary invites us to reflect: “In life there’s always something more to discover.” Thanks to the valuable advice received from his father, the young Luigi Lavazza left to discover the world and created the extraordinary coffee blend that we all know today.

In its There’s More To Taste campaign, Lavazza recounts its love for tradition together with a deep passion for discovering new frontiers. These characteristics, which were rare for a young person of that era, were the winning formula for creating a world-famous coffee blend.

The special narration, voiced by actor Sergio Castellitto, evokes a slightly magical flavour also thanks to the distinctive cinematographic style of the French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The unique style of this advert is the perfect match for the spirit of Lavazza that always manages to offer authentic pleasure, in all its diverse flavours.


The new face of the Lavazza Paradiso campaign 2012-2014 The new face of the Lavazza Paradiso campaign



The “Giardini dell’Eden (Gardens of Eden) episode marks the return of a great character: Tullio Solenghi, the original ‘tenant’ of the heaven in the first Lavazza Paradiso campaign, takes on the role of St. Peter.


Lavazza International TV Campaigns 2010-2012 Lavazza International TV Campaigns
2008-2009 Lavazza International TV Campaigns - Trevi
The new face of the Lavazza Heaven 2012 Lavazza TV Campaigns ITALY - The new face of the Lavazza Heaven

Enrico Brignano is the latest arrival: welcomed as ever by St Peter (Riccardo Garrone), and a cup of excellent Lavazza coffee.

Bonolis e Laurenti arrivano in Paradiso 2000-2011 Lavazza TV Campaigns ITALY - Bonolis and Laurenti get to Heaven



Bonolis and Laurenti pick up the baton from Tullio Solenghi. This incredibly entertaining comic duo converse with an off-picture voice — that of Lavazza —, enhancing the nonsensical atmosphere of these commercials.

S’ode un grido nella pampa...Carmencita è tornata! 2005 S’ode un grido nella pampa...Carmencita è tornata!



The very icon of the history of the Lavazza ads returns to TV with a 10-episode sitcom. An evergreen character yet more current than ever, a cult figure for all her fans.

Nasce la campagna TV del Paradiso. 1995-1999 Lavazza TV Campaigns ITALY - The Paradiso TV campaign is launched



With famous directors of the calibre of Alessandro D'Alatri and Gabriele Salvatores, and a celebrity like Tullio Solenghi, accompanied by the ever-present St Peter (Riccardo Garrone), the 1990s witness the ironic, naïf adventures of a Paradise set filled with clouds and angels, exalting the various blends of Lavazza coffee from Crema e Gusto to Qualità Oro.

Four in one 1993-1994 Lavazza TV Campaigns ITALY - Four in one

Lavazza changes its product ambassadors. The new TV Lavazza commercials revolves around four stars: Luciano Pavarotti, Monica Vitti, Giorgio Forattini and Bud Spencer.


Lavazza TV Campaigns ITALY - The first product ambassador: Nino Manfredi 1977-1992 Lavazza TV Campaigns ITALY - The first product ambassador: Nino Manfredi




Television is now in colour, and is everywhere. As it moves on, Carosello is abandoned.
Lavazza and Armando Testa choose a new TV campaign with a strong narrative structure, featuring a single product ambassador.
Until 1993, that ambassador would be a very popular Italian actor, personifying Lavazza coffee: Nino Manfredi.


The arrival of Caballero and Carmencita on Carosello 1960-1976 Lavazza TV Campaigns ITALY - The arrival of Caballero and Carmencita on Carosello

Two characters who would define an era made their appearance on RAI’s only black-and-white channel, on the only commercial programme of that time: Carosello.

They were Caballero and Carmencita, the stars of “Love at first sight”, the Paulista saga that would keep the Italian TV public entertained until the mid-1970s.