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How to prepare a perfect cappuccino at home

  1. The milk

  2. To each his and her own

    Everyone has their own preferences regarding milk, from skim to nonfat to soy

    But it is strictly fresh whole milk that is ideal for a perfect cappuccino.
    In fact, its fats and proteins are essential for a thick and creamy froth.

  3. Frothing the milk

  4. Several practical methods

    It is the delicious milk froth that makes the cappuccino unique.
    1/2 Cup (120 ml) is the right quantity of milk to achieve a perfect froth.
    Here are a few methods that anyone can use to froth the milk to perfection
    at home as well!

    Remember that a digital thermometer could be very useful for monitoring milk temperature.

  5. The steam wand

  6. The classic method requires a coffee machine with a steam wand.

    Pour the milk into a pitcher, submerge the wand without touching the bottom of
    the pitcher and turn on for 10 seconds: this will take the milk to 95F.

    Move the pitcher around in circolar motions for another 10 seconds, keeping the
    wand on the side of the pitcher.

    The milk will now be at a temperature of 150F, its volume will have doubled and
    the froth will be perfect.

  7. The infuser

    Heat the milk in a pan, or microwave, and pour into an infuser.

    Shut the infuser and froth the milk moving the piston for 15 seconds, gradually

    reducing the movement (there’s no need to use too much energy!).

    Finally, move the infuser around in circolar motions to blend the milk and pour into the cup.

  8. The immersion blender

    After heating the milk, pour into the hand blender beaker.

    Immerse the blender and start to whisk the milk at low speed for about a minute.

    Keep the blender near the surface of the milk, so that more air is incorporated and a thicker froth created.

  9. Coffee

  10. The second half of the secret

    It’s time to prepare the coffee, using an espresso machine or a mocha coffee pot.

    You can use quality blends such as our Qualità RossaQualità Oro 
    and Crema e Gusto , or RIVO Capsules, depending on personal preference.

    Pour the coffee slowly until 1/3 of the cup is full.

    Then, within 10 seconds, pour the creamy milk froth.

  11. Latte Art

  12. It’s time to be artistic

    Let your creative side guide you! Decorate your cappuccino with cocoa powder,
    sweet syrup, flakes of chocolate, chopped nuts.
    And if you are particularly clever, you could create your own designs and shapes
    with stencils and toothpicks on the foam surface.

  13. And now you’ve all the skills to create the perfect cappuccino! ENJOY!

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