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The pleasure of Lavazza coffee at a café, restaurant or hotel Whether it’s a cappuccino with the girls, an energy-boosting breakfast or that after-lunch espresso.

For Italians, having a coffee at the café is an essential ritual, and now the Lavazza cafés are bringing the complete Lavazza experience and good living to your town. Sitting outside, standing at the counter, or enjoying a seat inside in a buzzing atmosphere, at each Lavazza café you’ll find the excellent coffee that comes from the expert blending, the care taken in the preparation and Lavazza Training Center’s innovation.

separator Blends Created by the world’s leading
coffee experts
At the bar

The magic and aroma
of each blend depends
on the combination of
coffee beans from different
countries, the varieties
– Arabica or Robusta —
and the processing method,
washed or natural.

At the bar
At the bar

Lavazza’s R&D experts, who know the differences in the sensory profiles of espresso from the various regions of Italy, can create as many blends as they need to cater for each individual palate.

EspressOUnique. Specialities you can enjoy at Lavazza cafés.
At the bar
At the bar

Discover all the cafés and restaurants that serve Lavazza coffee.