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Altre miscele espresso/Oro Espresso


The great espresso for small environments.
With its elegant, soft lines and refined, the Lavazza Espresso Point Maxi EP MAXI 1050 DUAL makes every environment unique. Compact, practical and easy to use, is an ideal coffee maker for offices and small communities.

EP MAXI 1050 DUAL is extremely versatile. The machine has a “double soul” as can be seen from the double button that makes two espressos at once, for an enjoyable break to be enjoyed in company or just for choosing your preferred taste from between espresso and caffè filtro.

Width: 23 cm
Height: 36 cm
Depth: 34 cm
Weight: 5,6 kg

Technical Data
• power supply: 220-240V 50Hz
• nominal power: 1000W
• material: thermoplastic
• water tank capacity: 1.4 litres circa
• fits the BRITA AQUAAROMA CREMA filter (Brita for Lavazza)
• functions exclusively with Lavazza Espresso Point Maxi cartridges
• manual cartridge loading
• coffee delivery start buttons for pre-set or manually set amounts
• expulsion of the used cartridge into the used cartridge drawer when the next cartridge is inserted
• the used cartridge drawer holds up to 12 cartridges
• height-adjustable cup-support tray and height adjustable double-dose dispensing spout for 12 oz cups
• steam spout
• coffee quantities can be set as desired